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Working at all levels regardless of classification

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141st Annual Session and 47th Triennial

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About the USC

The United Supreme Council Foundation is dedicated to transforming the lives of children, families, veterans and our aging population through improving their education, health and family economic stability. We start by identifying the people and places most in need. We then work closely with our partners to find solutions that combine bold thinking with real-world experiences. We go directly into communities and learn about struggles, needs and aspirations, then pair those most in need with proven, practical solutions to help them move forward.



Our Strategy

Our Vision is to secure the future by enhancing the Scottish Rite experience. Our mission is to be United in Service and Commitment through Action, Accountability and Sustainable Results.

Our guiding principles look to balance tradition and innovation to grow the Rite; working at all levels from Sublime Princes to Sovereign Grand Inspectors General; Collaboration across Orients and valleys to improve sharing and growth; Leadership through stewardship and incorporating feedback throughout the Jurisdiction to improve our organization.


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