Lifetime Membership

Charter Membership Program 2021

Lifetime Membership Participation Requirements

Must be a 33° Mason in good standing

Must be in good standing in your Consistory

Enrollment and Payment Period:

June 1st, 2021 to November 1st, 2021

Lifetime Membership Cost: $2,500



Membership Benefits

  • Individually numbered metal membership card

  • Priority seating at USC Annual Banquet

  • Custom Lifetime Membership lapel pin

  • Individually numbered patent signed by the SGC

  • Never pay USC dues again!!!


Lifetime membership does not exempt a member from paying their Consistory dues, registration for USC Annual Session, registration for the COD, or your Blue House dues.  Additionally, it does not cover reclassification fees associated with a change in rank within the USC and does not protect a member from suspension or expulsion due to behavior unbecoming a Mason. Not adhering to the rules of the fraternity will cause lifetime membership privileges to be revoked without refund.  Upon reinstatement to regular membership status, lifetime membership benefits will resume upon confirmation of status.



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