Achievement Medal

Lionell Cummings, Chair
James G. (Butter) Allen
Charles E. Ayler

Committee on Annual Convention Schedule

William R. Stark

Board of Directors

Melvin J. Bazemore – Chairman
Sidney D. Broadnax, Jr., Vice Chairman
William R. Stark
Roland K. Lee, Sr., Treasurer
Edward M. Brooks
Daniel R. Poole
Raynard W. Hughes
Lorenzo Cruger, Sr., Secretary
Carl A. Williams
Edward B. Darnell
William J. Ewing
Roy J. Mays
James A. Scott
George E. Dickerson
Wayne E. Phillips
Ivory M. Buck III

Budget & Finance Committee

Charles A. Bishop, Chair
Roland K. Lee, Sr.
Edward M. Brooks
Lorenzo Cruger, Sr.
Roy A. Kyles
Jimmie D. Foster

CODs and Reports of Deputies

Edward B. Darnell, Chair
John H. Hardeman III
Thomas D. Steele

Charters, Patents and Dispensations

Marshall E. Tharpe, Chair
Johnny L. Cummings

Minor King, Jr.

Committee on Allocution

Christopher Buck, Chair
Edward M. Brooks
Ivory M. Buck III
William M. Moore
Warner Jackson
Jimmy F. Moore

Committee on Dues Exemption

George M. Calloway, Chair

Director Community Relations

Charles E. Ayler, Chair
Steven Reece, Sr.

Constitution & Law

 William J. Ewing, Chair
William R. Stark
Wilton L. Wallace
Thomas R. Hughes, Sr.
Clarence W. High III

Convention Committee

Carl A. Williams, Chair
Embie R. Bostic
Carlee London
Joseph L. Tyner
Elmer M. Evans
Robert D.L. Sands

Counsel to the S.G.C.

Grady Edge
Melvin Frierson
Edward B. Darnell

USC Education and Development Department (U.S.C.E.D)

Dr. Dwayne E. Thomas, Director Robert J. Meekins, Chairman,   Dean of Instruction GIG Orientation
Robert L. Oglesby, Sr. Chairman, Consistory Education Department 
Thomas R. Hughes Sr. Chairman Session General Education  Eugene Anderson, Chairman Technical Support Integration 

Finance & Investments

Roland K. Lee, Sr., Treas.-General
Edward M. Brooks, Sec.-General
Wayne E. Phillips

Fraternal Relations and Correspondence

John H. Hardeman III, Chair
Conrad L. Luster
Gregory R. Smith
Earl M. Thomas III

Golden Circle Committee

James S. Webb, Chair
Johnny L. Cummings
James A. Scott

Insurance Committee

Robert P. Lewis, Chair
Leroy Bostic
Gerald W. Davis

Medical Services

Chester C. Pryor II, Chair
Walter E. Bantom III

Mentoring Cradle to College

Horace J. Jackson, Chair
Charles Burns, Jr. 


Obituaries Committee

Melvin Frierson, Chair
Neal Carson
Joseph Slay, Jr.
Charles J. Stewart

John Bell

Office of the Grand Prior

Wilton E. Blake I

Paver Project

Raynard W. Hughes

Returns Subordinate Bodies

James G. (Butter) Allen, Chair
Tobin L. Adams
Vernon D. Dobbs
Clifford Hastings
Dorian R. Glover
Gerald S. Friason
Walter E. Ward

Ritual & Ritulistic Matters

Jerry D. Springer, Chair
Everette Mackey
Thomas R. Hughes, Sr.
Brian K. Lewis
Andrew L. Chesser


Roy J. Mays, Chief of Security
Wayne E. Phillips
Jimmy F. Moore

Grand Keeper of the Archives

Wayne O. Tompkins

Grand Standard Bearer

Jerry Wright

Session Admin Committee

James G. (Butter) Allen
Brain I. Austin
Leroy C. Barnes, Jr.
Wayne O. Tompkins

State of the Rite Committee

John M. Bettis, Chair
Charles H. Bush, Jr.
Edward E. Cherry Sr.
Robert L. Oglesby, Sr.
John Paul Simpkins
Hermon J. Simpson
Glenn A. Mathews

Strategic Plan

Daniel R. Poole, Chair
Charles H. Bush, Jr.
Grady Edge


· Homer Walton

Asst. Grand Seneschal

Sean R. Snead

 USC Website

James B. Gilbert III, Chair
Daryl L. Andrews
Lorenzo Johnson
Rinza C. Burton Jr.

Legal Counsel

William Ewing
Wilton L. Wallace